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Welcome to the home of the Batavia Ramparts!






You will note on the March Ice Schedule several levels (Mite, Squirt, Bantam) that have evaluations.  These evaluations are for current Ramparts who will be playing at these levels next year.  So for Mites…those born 2010 or later who would like to play Mite X-ice next year.  For Squirts, those born in 2009 and 2008 who will be playing Ramparts Hockey next year, at any level.  For Bantams, those born in 2004 and 2005 who will be playing Ramparts Hockey next year at any level.  

Evaluations are NOT tryouts.  They are IN HOUSE CURRENT RAMPARTS ONLY.  Players from other organizations can not join us on the ice to tryout until very specific dates.   Players from outside organizations who are interested in playing Ramparts Hockey may either come to our travel tryouts (information attached) OR if they are interested specifically in Empire Hockey alone…they should contact Michael Reich (Chair of the Coaching Committee) and the CC will assist them.  All players attending our tryouts must have a release from their previous organization.

You will note that not every level has evaluations.  Evaluations at certain levels have been designed for specific reasons.  At the Mite and Squirt level they exist to give us an idea of what players will be coming to us and an overall idea of the skill level of the group for league placement decisions.  At the Bantam level they will also give our players an opportunity to meet the new Bantam III head coach and to experience him on the ice as well as allow our new Bantam III coach to see the overall level of play and meet the current Ramparts players.  There will be NO team selection after evaluations…that will occur after tryouts.



BATAVIA RAMPARTS (Genesee Amateur Hockey Association) 
WNYAHL Tier III – 10U (Squirt)
Wednesday 3/28 6:00pm – 7:10pm & Thursday 3/29 6:00pm-7:10pm
Location:  Bill Grays Iceplex at MCCC
Coach:  Marc Staley,, 585-330-9232
One Time Try Out Fee: 20.00
WNYAHL Tier III Tournament Bound – 12U (PeeWee)
Wednesday 3/28 7:20pm – 8:30pm & Thursday 3/29 7:20pm-8:30pm
Location:  Bill Grays Iceplex at MCCC
Coach:  Jeff Bower,, 716-946-5006
One Time Try Out Fee: 20.00

WNYAHL Tier III Tournament Bound – 14U (Bantam)
Thursday 4/12 5:00pm-6:00pm & Friday 4/13 5:00pm-6:00pm
Location:  Bill Grays Iceplex at MCCC
Coach:  Mark Jonathan,, (716) 316-0639
One Time Try Out Fee: 25.00

WNYAHL Tier III Tournament Bound – 16U (Midget – split season)
Thursday 4/12 5:10pm-6:20pm & Friday 4/13 5:10pm-6:20pm
Location:  Bill Grays Iceplex at MCCC
Coach:  Brian Frieday,, 716-474-2699
One Time Try Out Fee: 30.00

WNYAHL Tier III Tournament Bound – 18U (Midget – split season)
Thursday 4/12 6:30pm-7:30pm & Friday 4/13 6:30pm-7:30pm
Location:  Bill Grays Iceplex at MCCC
Coach:  Michael Webb,,  585-815-5071
One Time Try Out Fee: 30.00



Coaches Bio’s

WNYAHL Tier III – 10U (Squirt) -Marc Staley
Marc has coached for the Batavia Ramparts for several years and is a level 4 certified USA Hockey Coach.  Marc grew up in the local hockey community and moved on to play for both Hobart and then RIT as a college player, then playing in the ECHL and overseas in Switzerland.  After his own playing days Marc assistant coached for RIT and then coached at SUNY Geneseo for five years. Most recently he has spent the last 10 years as the highly successful head coach of Notre Dame High School Hockey.   He spent time at our Bantam and Midget levels coaching before fully committing his time to ND High School and in addition spending a few years head coaching the Roc City Royals, a local Junior team. Many of the system and coaching philosophies that are promoted in the Ramparts program were initiated by Marc’s understanding of the game and philosophies on coaching it.  Marc brings it back home again to share the love of the game with his young son Luke and we welcome him to Ramparts 10U Squirt hockey. 


WNY Tier III TB – 12U (PeeWee) -Jeff Bower
Jeff has coached for the Batavia Ramparts for 18 years and is a level 4 certified USA Hockey Coach.  Throughout that tenure he has served as both a head coach and assistant coach.  Jeff has head coached 14 Ramparts teams, Mite through Bantam in both the Empire and WNYAHL leagues.  He has coached 7 (four at PeeWee) teams that have qualified for the New York State Tournament.  In addition, Jeff has coached modified and JV Club Hockey. Jeff grew up as a Buffalo Hornets and Saints youth hockey player and his four children have all played/play for the Batavia Ramparts.  Jeff is a strong believer in the ADM as well as system play.  He believes in being a constant student of the game.   This will be Jeff’s fifth season head coaching at the PeeWee level and he is very familiar with the league, competition, skills, and expectations of the level of play.  Jeff is a two-time WNY coach of the year.  We welcome Coach Bower back to 12U hockey.

WNY Tier III TB – 14U (Bantam) –Mark Jonathan
Coach Jonathan will be stepping into our Bantam Tier III head coach position after many years at the Midget Level.  He has been head coaching for the Ramparts for the last 7 years.    Mark is a level 4 USA Hockey Coach.  Mark has his roots in Batavia playing as a Midget with us and then moving onto Junior Hockey.   His son Luke played his career with the Ramparts (10 years).  Luke currently attends Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia, plays intramural hockey and practices with their D3 team.  Coach Jonathan will be joined by assistant coach Chuck Lauer, both have children who are done playing and continue for the love of the game.  Coach Jonathans philosophy includes; Teaching hockey skills & tactics, encouraging players to NEVER stop learning, creating good teammates, and coming to the rink with a good attitude.  He believes, winning is a bi-product of development, but winning is NOT how we gauge development.  We welcome Coach Jonathan to the head position of Bantam III.

WNY Tier III TB – 16U (Midget-split season) – Brian Frieday
Coach Frieday will be up a level from Bantam Tier III to the head coach position of Midget 16U.  Brian has coached for the Batavia Ramparts for 8 seasons as both a head and assistant coach and is a level 4 USA Hockey Coach.  Brian has deep connections with the Batavia Hockey community and grew up a Rampart and Batavia High School Player.  Brian spent five years a member of the Ramparts Coaching Committee in addition to his responsibilities on the ice.  Coach Frieday still enjoys playing the game and can be seen in the Lakeshore men’s league and other tournaments across the area.  He has a strong knowledge of USA Hockey philosophy and the development of hockey players.  We welcome Coach Frieday to the head position of 16U and look forward to his continued work with this group.


WNY Tier III TB – 18U (Midget-split season) –Michael Webb
Coach Webb will be returning for his fourth season as a head coach at our Midget WNY TB level.  Mike has coached eight years total for the Ramparts in addition to assisting on the Genesee Ice Devils bench in the past. Prior to head coaching Mike assisted at the Squirt-Midget levels.  He is a level four USA hockey coach and has also attended the Roger Nielson Clinic in Windsor Ontario.  Coach Webb has also spent some time on wheels with the Daemon College roller hockey team.   Coach Webb is a Rampart’s alumni and plays recreationally.  He is returning to the state tournament again this year with his very talented 18U team. This will be Coach Webb’s 7th trips to States as an assistant or head coach.  He has no players currently in the program but has two young children at home.  Coach Webb was our 2016 WNY Jack Porter coach of the year award recipient.  Welcome back Coach Webb.


Ice Schedule