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Welcome to the home of the Batavia Ramparts!

2022-23 Season (Beginners, Mites & Squirts Teams)

2022-23 Season (PeeWee, Bantam, 16U & 18U Teams)

  • Bantam Empire Division Champions
  • Bantam Empire Hockeytown Midwinter Classic Champions
  • PeeWee III w/ Support from Squirt III Gateway to the Adirondacks Champions
  • Squirt B Division Champions
  • ESWG
  • Squirt A 2nd Place in their Division
  • Squirt III Gateway to the Adirondacks Champions

Did You Know... There Are Scholarships Available

2022-2023 Hockey Scholarship Opportunity

The Genesee Amateur Hockey Association Board of Directors was pleased to accept donations from local businesses and individuals to sponsor scholarships for the 2022-2023 season. 

2022-2023 GAHA Player Scholarship

 Eligibility:  A current GAHA player who demonstrates significant financial need.

The application should include:

Players Name

Players Current Team

Contact Email

Description of Reason for Financial Need

In the best interest of confidentiality, Applications will be received by the President who will remove personally identifiable information and assign an application number.  Applications will be reviewed, and winners selected by a 3-person Board member scholarship committee. The committee will present a basic summary of how they came to their decision and will not include applicant details.  Winning application numbers will be given to the President who will rematch them with applicant names and provide the information to the Treasurer for fee adjustment.  Only the Treasurer and President will be aware of the award winners by name, and all applicant names will remain confidential.  Application information and deliberations of the Scholarship Committee will remain confidential.   Disclosure of awards to other parties is at the sole discretion of the award winner and family.  The decisions of the scholarship committee with the approval of the process by the board are final.  Only award winners will be contacted.  Awards can range from $100.00 to $650.00.


Notes:  There is no minimum or maximum length or required format for application.  The above application parameters should be met and adequately illustrate the information requested based on the eligibility criteria.  If an award winner has completed fee payment for the 2021/22 year the scholarship amount will be refunded. 

Applications should be submitted to Dale Hutchins, GAHA President at no later than August 31, 2022.  

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David McCarthy Memorial Ice Arena

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